Wireless Network Security Virtual Lab

Welcome to our home for SE 491/492 group DEC13/14 at Iowa State University. Our project is to resurrect, rebuild, and retool a Wireless Network Security Virtual Lab.

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Senior design project DEC13-14 was prompted by Dr. George Amariucai, professor of CprE 537: Wireless Network Security. It was noted that some students in the class may find it difficult to construct an environment in which wireless security experiments may be run, which may result in inability to expand their knowledge or temptation to run exploits unlawfully against a public network.

This project attempts to create a laboratory with real-world equipment that mimics a real-world network, complete with legitimate traffic, and also provides the user with the hardware and software tools necessary to exploit this network, all within the safe confines of a controlled environment. This way, the student can avoid needless time spent acquiring and configuring equipment and gathering software tools, and get directly to experimenting with the network.

The team plans to implement this system using commodity server hardware and virtualization technology to make the system as compact, easy to administrate and cost-effective as possible. In addition to hardware, the team will install operating system environments and all necessary software tools, write extensive documentation in their proper use, and provide novel experiments to run with the given equipment. The students will then be free to modify these experiments to satisfy their own curiosities in the subject.


Meeting Notes
Design & Plans

The Team


Frank Niu


CprE, Team Lead/Documentation

Tahsin Khan


EE, Hardware Specialist

Dustin Tran


CprE, Security Specialist

Chris Van Oort


SE, System/Software Specialist, Webmaster

Yuqi Wang


EE, Hardware Specialist

Matt Mallet


CprE, System/Software Specialist

Client & Advisor

Dr. George Amariucai


Iowa State University Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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