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Senior Design is a two-part, two-semester required course (EE/CprE/SE 491/492) designed to help students prepare for the workplace.

During the first semester (EE/CprE/SE 491), students work in project teams to create a design solution to an engineering problem, and use their technical writing skills to produce a project plan and design report.

During the second semester (EE/CprE/SE 492), students create a design prototype and deliver a final report, a project poster, and an oral presentation.


The Coordinating Team


The two Senior Design courses are managed by two instructors, a Senior Design Committee, and an Industry Review Panel (IRP). The Committee meets on a weekly basis and deals with administrative issues. It is also the responsibility of the Committee to evaluate the project plans and the design reports at the end of EE/CprE/SE 491. The Industry Review Panel meets at the end of EE/CprE/SE 492, to evaluate the final prototypes, as well as the design process, and to provide constructive criticism to the Senior Design Committee.

The members of the Senior Design Committee (in alphabetical order):

George Amariucai member & instructor for EE/CprE/SE 492
Timothy Bigelow member
Jason Boyd member
Sumit Chaudhary chair
Mani Mina member & instructor for EE/CprE/SE 491
Anthony Moore member
Daji Qiao member
Alexander Stoytchev member



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