Projects Ending May 2021

May21-01: Interactive Secure Headset
May21-02: Immersive Experiences for Zoos and Aquariums (Virtual Reality / Full Stack)
May21-03: Smart Digital Stethoscope
May21-04: 138kV Cyclone Substation Design
May21-05: AR Chess Advisor
May21-06: Pentest a Payment Provider
May21-07: Small Rotor-Craft Obstacle Avoidance Imaging Radar
May21-08: Cow Chips 4 Charity
May21-09: Instruction Level Reverse Engineering (Disassembly) through EM Side Channel
May21-10: Dynamic Programming Based FPGA Hosted Control-Flow Integrity (CFI)
May21-11: Smart Water Leak Shutoff Valve
May21-12: Biochemistry Virtual Lab Software
May21-13: Open-Source Prototyping of 5G Wireless Systems for Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles
May21-14: Wake-up Harvester Design for Batteryless IoT System
May21-15: Debugger and Visualizer for a Shared Sense of Time on Batteryless Sensor Networks
May21-16: Cloudflare WAF AI
May21-17: Webserver Attack Blocking AI
May21-18: Rapid Prediction of Bacterial Growth Inhibition using Google’s Coral AI Platform
May21-19: Take a Virtual Hike
May21-20: Crane Positional Sensor
May21-21: Creating the New Face of Buildertrend
May21-22: Static Site Generation
May21-23: GridAI: Cloud-based Machine/Deep Learning for Power Grid Data Analytics
May21-24: AI-VVO: Cloud-based Machine/Deep Learning for Volt-VAR Control and Optimization
May21-25: CySat: Satellite Mission Design
May21-26: Automated Configuration Testing Framework for KBase
May21-27: MicroCART mini : Microprocessor Controlled Aerial Robotics Team
May21-28: Development of IoT-CDC (Cyber Defense Competition) based on ISEAGE
May21-29: Intelligent Code Editor with Code Suggestion and Code Correction
May21-30: Detecting and Predicting Clusters of Evolving Binary Stars
May21-31: Proximity vs. Diversity in Heterogeneous Datasets
May21-32: Automatic Labeling/Annotation of Image and Video Data for Feature Extraction
May21-33: Object Tracking using Reinforcement Learning
May21-34: Route-Constrained Family Shopping Optimization
May21-35: A Part of Speech Tagger for Software Documentation
May21-36: Self-healing in 5G Networks Using ORBIT Testbed
May21-37: 115kV/ 34.5kV Solar Power Plant & Substation Design Project
May21-38: Visual Debugger for the i281 CPU
May21-39: Cloud Environment Manager
May21-40: Dancing Swarm of iCreate/Roomba Robots
May21-41: IoT Security Verification
May21-42: High Speed Magnetic Field Pulser
May21-43: Emergency! Need Back-Up
May21-44: Inpatient Therapy Scheduling Program
May21-45: GenA: XML to Ada Software Generator
May21-46: Mobile Microgrid for Energy Resiliency
May21-47: Power Supply Design for at-home Class Laboratory Work
May21-48: Learning Holiday Light Project
May21-49: Frequency Response Measurement System for at-home Laboratory Work
May21-50: CySec-Game: Cyber Risk Assessment Tool using Game Theory
May21-51: Constrained Re-Planning in Spatial Crowdsourcing