Transferring Files to the Senior Design Website

The following instructions may only be used by students who are enrolled in EE/CprE/SE 491/492 for transferring materials to their Senior Design websites: 

1. Log in to a computer that is part of the Iowa State domain.

2. Open Windows Explorer and type \\ in the address bar.

3. Browse to your group's Senior Design website folder. You can only access your group's folder.

4. To upload files, simply drag and drop into your group's folder.

5. Check to make sure the files appear online at your Senior Design website.


Update your website to include the following items as soon as they are completed:


1.                  Project overview

a.            Problem statement and general approach

b.            Team membership

c.            Client

d.            Advisor


2.                  All completed formal submitted reports (project plan, design report, final report, status report, etc.)


3.                  Completed poster


4.                  All completed PowerPoint presentations (design reviews, class presentation, IRP presentation)


5.                  Any other items of interest, at your discretion