Appendix GG

 Sample Senior Design Team Peer Evaluation Form


The student peer evaluation form is used for the students to evaluate their fellow team members in terms of their efforts and contributions.  The form should be completed by listing all of the names of your team members, preferably in alphabetical order.  List both the first and last names of each team member including your own name.  If you are a member of a large team (more than 8 people), include only the members of your subteam and the overall team leader(s).


Compute the number of points to be distributed by multiplying the number of people to be evaluated minus one (yourself) by ten.  In the right two columns, distribute the computed number of points among your fellow team members.  Do NOT assign any points to yourself.  Each value should be an integer value.  “Effort” refers to the amount of time and energy that each teammate exerted towards making your project a success.  “Contribution” refers to the relative significance of the ideas, technology, and added value that each of your teammates provided to make your project a success.


Often, team members do work the same number of hours or contribute the same amount to the project, so it is ok and even expected that you might not assign equal values to all team members in either category.


You also should indicate what you believe your major contributions were during the current school session in the space indicated or on the back of the form if more space is required.





Team Number:___________          Faculty Advisor:________________________________


Team Name: _______________________________________________________________


Names of all team members including yourself (Please print)






























Total points (zero points for yourself)

(n - 1)*10 =

(n - 1)*10 =





Indicate what were your biggest contributions to the project during this school session (use the

   back of the form if necessary):