Projects Ending May 2020

May20-01: Small Pupae - Big Data
May20-02: Product TRACkER
May20-03: NOAA GOES-R Satellite Receiver
May20-04: CPRE 288 Embedded Systems Platform Movement and Code Optimization
May20-05: Vision Impaired Swim Aid
May20-06: Engine Data Analysis Tool
May20-07: Small-Form-Factor Solar-Powered Self-Sustainable IoT Sensors with Long-Range Wireless Communication
May20-08: Cirq: A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Quantum circuits
May20-09: Inventory Locator Assistant
May20-10: Design of a Power Scraping Module
May20-11: Design of a Charge Measurement Device
May20-12: Applying Blockchain to Energy Delivery Systems
May20-13: Detection and Classification of Cracks on Transportation Infrastructure using UAV Based Aerial Imagery
May20-14: 115kV / 34.5kV Solar Power Plant & Substation Design Project
May20-15: Burns & McDonnell Substation Design
May20-16: Charity Bingo Software Development and Integration
May20-17: Development of an App in Android Smart Phone for Pavement Roughness Estimation
May20-18: Development of Image Analysis Algorithms for Crack Detection Using A Smart Phone Mounted in A Car
May20-19: To Online Shop, or not to Online Shop
May20-20: iOS Application for Efficiently Measuring and Inputting Vehicle Measurements
May20-21: New Simulation Methods to More Effectively Integrate High Levels of Renewable Energy Resources
May20-22: Real-time Re-Recommendation System for POI Visits
May20-23: Multi-context Shopping Optimization
May20-24: Wearable Cardiac Monitoring Sensors
May20-25: Consumer-Aware Warehouse Management
May20-26: Assurance Recipes
May20-27: Gauss Sensor for Magnet Array Filter
May20-28: New Design Concept for Residential Electric Meter Adapter
May20-29: Self-Solving Rubrik's Cube
May20-30: Building a 3D Micro-Manufacturing System using Digital Micromirror Device
May20-31: Automatic Tracking of Actors with Intelligent Theatrical Lighting Systems
May20-32: Development of a Smart Sensing System for Road Performance Data Collection
May20-33: Training the Trainer
May20-34: Open Source .NET Blog
May20-35: Prototyping and Emulation Studies of Large-Scale 5G Wireless Systems
May20-36: Open-Source Prototyping of 5G Wireless Systems for Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles
May20-37: Open-Source Prototyping of Advanced Wireless Systems for Smart Agriculture and Connected Rural Communities
May20-38: iFPGA - Intermittent Intelligent FPGA Platform
May20-39: High Speed Magnetic Field Generator
May20-40: IC Chipz
May20-41: Machine Learning for Understanding Aging
May20-42: Economic Home Security System
May20-43: Analysis of GitLab projects using BOA
May20-44: Decision Support in Racket Games
May20-45: Samaritan Security
May20-46: Intelligent Code Editor
May20-47: Real Time Volumetric Analysis
May20-48: Smartphone-based Hearing Assistance for Group Conversations
May20-49: CySAT: Satellite Mission Design
May20-50: MicroCART: Microprocessor Controlled Aerial Robotics Team
May20-51: Visualization of Decision Diagrams
May20-52: Key Exchange Outside of TCP/IP
May20-53: Smart Backpack Sprayer for Small-scale Agriculture Applications
May20-54: Enabling Repeatable Graph-based Experimentation and Education
May20-55: Wireless Backyard Chicken Food and Water Monitor
May20-56: Sound Effect Devices for Musicians
May20-57: Impact of High Photo-voltaic Penetration on Distribution Systems
May20-58: Kubernetes (K8s) Checkmate