Projects Ending May 2019

May19-01: Athlete Motion Tracking
May19-02: Converting an Industry Leading Native Mobile App to React Native
May19-03: 3D Metal Printer - Phase II
May19-04: Open-Source Prototyping of 5G Wireless Systems for Smart Ag, Autonomous Vehicles and Beyond
May19-05: Cyber Network Capture Generator
May19-06: Quantitative Research Modeling Library
May19-07: Real Estate Portfolio Optimization
May19-08: IC Chip: Automated Clay Target Scoring System
May19-09: Mars Rover
May19-10: Distributed Wild Bird Surveillance and Recognition System
May19-11: MIDI Zuesaphone (Singing Tesla Coil)
May19-12: Automatic Solder Dispenser
May19-13: Small Equipment Checkout System
May19-14: Wireless Recharging System
May19-15: Capacitor Gun
May19-16: Smartphone App to Detect TwD (Texting while Driving)
May19-17: Substation Design
May19-18: Real-Time Route Optimization
May19-19: Offensive Security Orchestration
May19-20: MicroCart (Microprocessor Controlled Aerial Robotics Team)
May19-21: Distributed Mesh Network for Data Collection and Predictive Analytics
May19-22: Online Ordering Platform
May19-23: Mobile, Biometric Bitlocker
May19-24: Power System Reliability in the Midwest US for High Wind/Solar Levels
May19-25: Handheld Emulation Station
May19-26: 115kV / 34.5kV Solar Power Plant/Substation Design Project
May19-27: Smartphone Tracking App for Microsoft HoloLens
May19-28: Charity Bingo Software Development and Integration
May19-29: Automating Inventory Management and Routing through Sensor Networks
May19-30: EE 448 Stroboscope
May19-31: Multi-Purpose Automated Robotic Mixer (mpARM)
May19-32: Sound Effect Devices for Musicians
May19-33: Availability Prediction Based on Multi-Context Data
May19-34: Context-Aware Clothing Recommendation
May19-35: Implementing a Web Portal System for Drone Simulation and Control
May19-36: IoT Sensor Integration and Back-end Development for Sequoia
May19-37: Are Cross Country Courses Avoiding Hills?
May19-38: Android App Forensic Evidence Database
May19-39: ISEAGE Traffic Generator
May19-40: Call for Code for Natural Disasters
May19-41: Wideband Full Stokes Parameterised Spectrometer for Xilinx RFSoc Platform
May19-42: Synchronized Quadcopter Cameraman
May19-43: UAV Assisted Energy Delivery
May19-44: Circuit Drawing and Simulation App/Website
May19-45: IoT Environmental Monitor
May19-46: Impact of High Photo-Voltaic Penetration on Distribution Systems
May19-47: NSF Lab Furnace Control System