Projects Ending May 2018

May18-01: Small Equipment Checkout System
May18-02: Augmented Reality Mechanical Design Solution
May18-03: Use of Imaging Devices and Machine Learning Software to Assist in Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning
May18-04: Animal Locomotion and Behavior Simulated by Genetic Algorithms
May18-05: 3D Metal Printer
May18-06: 138kV / 13.8kV Substation Design Project
May18-07: InfraDrone UAS Data Display VR Portal Android Application
May18-08: VR UI Design for Engineering Applications
May18-09: Tool Support for Continuous Model-Based Verification of the Linux Kernel
May18-10: Patch-clamp Microchip Testing Circuit Interface
May18-11: Radio Frequency Readout Device (RFRD)
May18-12: Pilot Biometrics - ECG waveform Captures
May18-13: Measuring Voltage and Wire Continuity
May18-14: Mobile and Web Timecard
May18-15: Building Wireless Lab Space on a College Campus
May18-16: Implementing OpenPLCs into a Cyber Defense Competition
May18-17: MicroCart (Microprocessor Controlled Aerial Robotics Team)
May18-18: Fleet Monitoring System
May18-19: DevOps for Javascript-based Microservices
May18-20: A Disappearing A Pillar
May18-21: Smart Laundry Planner
May18-22: Adaptive Wireless Wearable Neuro-Stimulator
May18-23: Internet of Things, Data Analytics for Snow Plow Truck-Data Live
May18-24: Optical Force Transducer for Biomarker Analysis
May18-25: Autonomous Health Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
May18-26: Electronic Scheduling Tool for Surgery Clinic
May18-27: Data Analytic Tools for Inconsistency Detection in Large Data Sets
May18-28: Office Door Kiosk for University Faculty
May18-29: Safe Communication Between Lead and Following Vehicle
May18-30: Intelligent Low-Altitude Air Traffic Management System
May18-31: Develop Lab Interface for EE224 Data Collection
May18-32: Machine Learning / AI / Big Data Analytics
May18-33: AR Enabled Ground Station
May18-34: Integration of Personnel Tracking in an Augmented Reality Environment
May18-35: c48 - An Understandable Compiler Infrastructure
May18-36: Bicycle Lidar Warning System
May18-37: System and App for Managing General Faculty/Staff Parking on ISU Campus
May18-38: Smart Wireless Ag Sensors for Measurement of Soil Water Contents
May18-39: Sound Effect Devices for Musicians
May18-40: Drone-Assisted Energy Delivery
May18-41: Energy Blockchain Implementation for Free Market P2P Energy Trading
May18-42: Power Systems Analysis in an Induction Type Wind Turbine