Projects Ending May 2017

May17-01:Visualization of Earth's Modeling Systems
May17-02:VP for MicroSurgery
May17-03:MACH: Multi-Actor Collaboration with Holo Lens
May17-04:HTC Vive Multi-Actor Framework for Decision Making Analysis
May17-05:Cattle Krush
May17-06:Pay it Forward
May17-07:Data Center Intelligent Agent
May17-08:Unified Butterfly Recorder
May17-09:SI Attendance Management
May17-10:Vehicle Intrusion Detection System (VIDS)
May17-11: Quick Quote Program
May17-12:A.L.I.S. Aerial Land Inspection System
May17-13: Prison Garden Application
May17-14: CY Beacon
May17-15: Internet of Machines
May17-16: MicroCART
May17-17: Wireless Solar Temperature/Humidity Sensor
May17-18: Radio Frequency Readout Device
May17-19: Portable Nutrient Data Collection System
May17-20: Smartphone Based Nano-device for Human Breath Sensing
May17-21: Glucose Detection Using a Disposable Nanosensor
May17-22: T'GO Delivery Services
May17-23: Drone-Based Non-Destructive Evaluation
May17-24: Ultrasonic Water Purification System
May17-25: Smart Energy Monitoring Network (Project Neptune)
May17-26: Breast Milk Flow meter
May17-27: Standard Hybrid Wind and Solar Generation System
May17-28: Impact of High Penetration Photo-Voltaic on Distribution Systems
May17-29: Power Sensor Test Fixture
May17-30: High Clarity Speaker System
May17-31: Sound Effect Systems for Musicians
May17-32: Quad Copter Swarm Research Platform
May17-33: Open Hardware Test Automation Platform
May17-34: EXPRESSO
May17-35: CYMote
May17-36: Search and Rescue Drone
May17-37: Holomon
May17-38: Flying Flashlight
May17-39: Project Molecule
May17-40: High Speed Magnetic Pulse Generator
May17-41: Project Hollowpoint