Projects Ending May 2013

May13-01: Gymnastics Score Board
May13-02: Multi-Sport Scoring and Information Display
May13-03: Backboard LED Perimeter Lights and Synchronizer
May13-04: Parkinson's Therapeutic Game / MS Kinect (Phase 2)
May13-05: Night Eye Guardian
May13-06: Logging DC Wattmeter
May13-07: Garmin Infotainment Gesture Recognition
May13-08: Swarming Robots
May13-10: iPod Bar Code Scanner
May13-11: Adaptive Point Cloud Rendering
May13-13: After-Action Review (VRAC)
May13-14: Power over Ethernet Controllable Lighting
May13-15: iPhone Noise Cancellation Hardware
May13-16: Biofeedback Widget
May13-17: Project CyPRUS
May13-18: Electronic Book for 201
May13-19: J-Atlas Type Checker
May13-20: Mobile Eye-Tracking
May13-21: Investor-Relations Cloud Management Platform
May13-22A: Electric Vehicle Charging Station
May13-22B: Paragon Pack Rabbit
May13-23: Loyalty Card Application
May13-24: CPRE 388 Android Lab Creation
May13-25: EE432 Mask Fabrication
May13-26: Central Campus
May13-27: Bio-Chip Research Laboratory
May13-28: Simultaneous Co-test of DAC ADC Pairs
May13-29: Smart-grid Technology
May13-30: Project Hestia
May13-31: Handling Data Overload, Navigating the News Stream with Aggregation
May13-32: MicroCart
May13-33: Marketing Engineering
May13-34: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)