Projects Ending December 2020

Dec20-01: Machine Learning for Pilot Biometrics
Dec20-02: Laptop Lending Status System
Dec20-03: Squirrel Deterence System
Dec20-04: "Cy"Sophus
Dec20-05: An Advanced Networking Outreach Activity for Kids
Dec20-06: Batteryless, Encapsulated Hydrometer
Dec20-07: Creating the New Face of Buildertrend
Dec20-08: High Resolution Trimmable Resistor Design
Dec20-09: Development of a Strain Visualization Microsensor based on Moiré Fringes
Dec20-10: Warehouse Inventory Automation
Dec20-11: Dash Cam Defender
Dec20-12: Fleet Monitoring System
Dec20-13: My (Musical) Life
Dec20-14: Introduction of Real-World Signals and Systems into ECpE DSP Laboratory Curriculum
Dec20-15: Road Safe Phone Case-Phase 2
Dec20-16: Small Scale Stand Alone Hybrid Solar PV and Wind Energy Generation System for EE 452 Lab
Dec20-17: WIDE (Web Integrated Development Environment)
Dec20-18: Magic Door Sensors
Dec20-19: Designing and Implementing an Automated Team Attendance Tool: A Campus-Wide Solution for TBL Classes
Dec20-20: A Parking Sharing System
Dec20-21: Small Equipment Checkout System
Dec20-22: DNA to Feature Models
Dec20-23: Underwater Sensor Arrays to Monitor and Predict Harmful Algae Blooms
Dec20-24: MYORPG: Make Your Own RPG
Dec20-25: Supercapacitor Based Motor Regeneration
Dec20-26: From Bodily Sensors to Cloud and Back
Dec20-27: Big Classroom Support for Instructors
Dec20-28: Micromouse Maze Runner Showcase
Dec20-29: Microbiology Lab Information Management and Visualization System