Projects Ending December 2019

Dec19-01: Crawling for Data Breach Reports
Dec19-02: Open-Source Wireless Innovation Lab for Smart Ag, AR/VR and Beyond
Dec19-03: GoMe: A Life Improvement App
Dec19-04: Instructor Certification Website
Dec19-05: Road Safe Phone Case
Dec19-06: Design and Implementation of a Small Scale Stand Alone Hybrid Solar PV and Wind Energy Generation
Dec19-07: Rapid Detection of Fentanyl using a Multifunction Nanostructured Substrate
Dec19-08: Artificially Intelligent Requirement Analysis Tool
Dec19-09: Finding Hay in the Needle Stack: Big Data, and Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time
Dec19-10: Learning Holiday Light Project
Dec19-11: Companion File Browser Application for the Buildertrend Web-Application for Windows
Dec19-12: Campanile-Carillon Model Phase II
Dec19-13: SheetVision
Dec19-14: User Information Augmentation. Vision Based Information Delivery System
Dec19-15: Sound Effect Device for Musicians
Dec19-16: Wireless-enabled Smart-Lights Hub Prototype
Dec19-17: Goose Chaperone
Dec19-18: IoT Elderly Care Solution
Dec19-19: Printed Miniature Nutrient Sensors
Dec19-20: Ultra-Thin Electronic Skin for Real-Time Health Monitoring
Dec19-21: Battery-less IoT Devices
Dec19-22: Vehicle-Operator Behavior Monitoring System
Dec19-23: Networked Arcade Platform
Dec19-24: DevOps framework for IOT