Projects Ending December 2018

Dec18-01: Campanile-Carillon Model
Dec18-02: Steam Heat Controller Retrofit
Dec18-03: Design of a More Reliable Power Grid for Puerto Rico
Dec18-04: High Current Pulse Generator for the Application of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Dec18-05: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based Sensing System for Soil Conditions Monitoring
Dec18-06: Using Open Source Intelligence to Visualize Industrial Controller Risk
Dec18-07: Software-Defined Network Moving Target Defense
Dec18-08: Smart Garbage Management
Dec18-09: Hidden Guardian
Dec18-10: Holiday Reverse Programmable Light Strings
Dec18-11: High-Level Design of Distribution Microgrid
Dec18-12: 360 Web Cams for Zoos and Aquariums
Dec18-13: Asset management - Financial Factor Discovery - "Value"
Dec18-14: IoT Passive Monitoring for Assisted Living Homes
Dec18-15: Portable DAQ for Dogs
Dec18-16: Machine Learning to Predict Relevant Support Content based on Historical User Interactions
Dec18-17: IoT Remote Monitoring Mobile App for Commercial Appliances
Dec18-18: Deep Learning (Neural Networks) using Radar to Identify and Track Objects
Dec18-19: Design and Implementation of a Small-Scale Hybrid Solar PV and Wind Energy Generation System
Dec18-20: High-Resolution ADC Using Delta-Sigma Architectures
Dec18-21: Multi-Effect Sound Pedal Sequencer for Performing Musicians
Dec18-22: Autonomous Lawn Care Unit