Projects Ending December 2016

Dec16-01: Accu-Pop
Dec16-02: Web Controlled Smart Drainage and Sub Irrigation Control System
Dec16-03: Work Authorization System
Dec16-04: Binary LMS File Interpretation
Dec16-05: Wearable Posture Training Diagnostic Vest For Physical Therapy
Dec16-06: A Voice for Autism
Dec16-07: Remote Monitoring of Industrial Parts Washers to Evaluate Performance at Customer Locations
Dec16-08: Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing Web Application
Dec16-09: SAVI Software Platform
Dec16-10: UPH Data Aquisition and Analysis
Dec16-11: Soil Microtopography
Dec16-12: Creating an Engaging Interactive Experience to Promote Green Living
Dec16-13: Maquoketa Valley Electric PV Voltage Regulation
Dec16-14: Impact of High Photo-Voltaic Penetration on Distribution System
Dec16-15: RADA Robotic Agriculture Data Acquisitions
Dec16-16: Fluorescence Polarization
Dec16-17: Miniature Greenhouse for Precision Agriculture
Dec16-18: Community Awareness System for Android Devices
Dec16-19: Brain Imaging Circuit
Dec16-20: Sign Tracking FOB
Dec16-21: Dual Tower Traffic Control System
Dec16-22: Fast Compact High Strength Magnetic Field Generator