Projects Ending December 2014

Dec14-01: Web Software for Home Energy
Dec14-02: Android Bridge for off Highway Equipment
Dec14-03: Ipad Mouse Emulator using Head Motions
Dec14-04: Android Power Management
Dec14-05: TV Programming Device
Dec14-06: TMS High Current Pulse Generator
Dec14-07: Cyber Security of Smart Grid - Test Bed Enhancement
Dec14-08: Powering PUMA Robot
Dec14-09: Machine Transfer Vehicle Paver Control
Dec14-10: Transposed Coil Detection Device
Dec14-11: Virtual Reality Project
Dec14-12: Infrared/Optical Sensor Fusion for Asteroids
Dec14-13: Online Selling and Swap Site
Dec14-14: RF Power Meter
Dec14-15: Sensitive Data Identification
Dec14-16: Unified Butterfly Recorder: Butterfly Population Survey Application