Projects Ending December 2012

Dec12-01: TelosB Charging and Monitoring Unit
Dec12-02: XBRL Consumption Tools built on a Cloud Computing Platform
Dec12-03: Intelligent Pattern Recognition of Moving Organisms
Dec12-04: Ultrasound Brain Imaging System
Dec12-05: Antenna Measurement System and Design Patch Antennas
Dec12-06: Store Selector for Regular Shopping Lists
Dec12-07: Temperature Control for Concrete Durability Tester
Dec12-08: Ultrasonic Mass Positioning Data Collection System for a Centrifuge Tester
Dec12-09: 4 degrees of Freedom MEMS Sensor Calibration and Yield Improvements
Dec12-10: Flexible Solutions for the New Generations of Touch Screen Interfaces
Dec12-11: Stand-alone and Mesh Networks of ISTI Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitors
Dec12-12: Temperature and Humidity Control for a Chip-Scale Seed Culture Laboratory
Dec12-13: Design and Implementation of an Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)