ECpE Senior Design


Projects ending May 2016



May16-01 : Industrial Control Systems HoneyPot
May16-02 : 115kV/34.5 kV Solar Power Plant/Substation Design
May16-03 : Evaluation of Distributed Generation within a Municipal  Electric Infrastructure
May16-04 : FRC Corporation Antenna Automatic Test System Upgrade
May16-05 : Video Recognition and Tracking Algorithm
May16-07 : Heads Up Display for a Microscope
May16-08 : FPGA Signal Processing Over Ethernet
May16-09 : A.R.T.I.M.U.S.: Augmented Reality Tractor Information Management Utility System 
May16-10 : Geospatial Mapping with Coverage Overlay 
May16-11 : Lamoni Municipal Utilities Upgrade 
May16-12 : Remotely Connected Electric Field Generator for Particle Separation in a Fluid
May16-13 : ABACUS:  Anomalous Behavior Analysis for Corporate User Systems
May16-14 : Unified Butterfly Recorder 4
May16-15 : Low Cost Atrial Fibrillation Detector 
May16-16 : Autonomous Range Extender System (ARES)
May16-17 : ALIS: Arial Land Inspection System
May16-18 : Graphalyzer:  A Graph Visualizer and Analysis Tool
May16-19 : ISU Bikeshare
May16-20 : A Socio-technical solution to large-Scale Formal Specification Mining 
May16-21 : A Stand alone Hybrid PV and Wind Generation System 
May16-22 : Wireless Embedded Roadway Health Monitoring Network
May16-23 : Low Cost High Accuracy Spectral Test System 
May16-24 : Wireless Sensor Package for CprE 185 Education
May16-25 : Latent Damage and Reliability in Semiconductor Devices 
May16-27 : Smart Fuel Tank Sensor 
May16-28 Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy with Machine Learning
May16-29 : Development of  Triple Halo Coil
May16-30 : MicroCART Microprocessor Controlled Aerial Robotics Team 
May16-31 : Automated Tool Monitoring System (AToMS)
May16-32 : Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle 
May16-33 : Portable Nutrient Data Collection System 
May16-34 : Cell Migration Analysis using a LabChip
May16-35 : From Data to Decision Making with Application to Advertizing/Promotion of a Steam Game
May16-36 : The Occupancy Project 
May16-37 : Efficient LED Lighting
May16-38 : ISESTORM: Dungeons and Dragons for Information Technology Services
May16-39 : Web Platform for Java Specifications