ECpE Senior Design


Projects ending May 2014


May14-01 Ames High Environmental Controls
May14-02 Class-D Amplifier
MAY14-03 Design and implementation of cryogenic current measurements on organic photovoltai cells
MAY14-04 CyRIS
May14-05 Augmented Reality Accessory for firearm Target Practice
May14-06 3 axis positioning system into 3D printer
May14-07 3D printer (software)
May14-08 3D Lidar
May14-09 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
May14-10 Micro Cart
May14-11 Impedance Measurement device for Detection of Microcystin-LR
May14-12 Reprise of Locker Access System
MAY14-13 Search Engine 
May14-14 Kinetic Sculpture
May14-15 Design of Superconducting Generators for Wind turbine Generators
May14-16 Tool Check-Out Vending Machine
May14-17 Energy Harvesting in Fitness Electronics
May14-18 Stop Sign Tracking System
May14-19 Day Care Environment Communication and database
May14-20 Lunabotics Autonomous Navigation
May14-21 Andriod Virtu Trace Remote
MAY14-22 Google Glass Map application 
May14-23 ISU Vrac Tactile Vest
May14-24 JD Inhibit
May14-25 Waste Heat to Electricity 
May14-26 A Paper Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices
May14-26 B Digital Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices
May14-27 Haunted house Controller
May14-28 Microsoft_imagine
May14-29 Night Eye Guardian
May14-30 Collision Detection and Teamcenter Haptics
May14-31 Detect Sparse Observations Zones
May14-32 Vinz
May14-33 Electric Distribution Modeling
May14-34 Danfoss Forklift Request Application
May14-35 Design of an Environmental sensor for gas detection
May14-36 Greenhouse Environment Control Sensors