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Previous Projects - May 2010


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May10-01: FPGA-based Emulation of the Nintendo Entertainment System
May10-02: Circuit Placement with Multi?Core Processors
May10-03: Perimeter  Security  and Predator Control Device
May10-04: Automatic Antenna Measurement System
May10-05: High Power Matching and Driving Circuit for Ultrasound Therapy Array
May10-06: Spectrum Sensing Using Software Radio
May10-07: Ground Station for Satellite Operations at the Fick Observatory
May10-08: Development of a Testbed for Network Coding Using Software Defined Radios
May10-09: Big 12 Conference Rules System
May10-10: Wireless Mesh Bear Tracking
May10-11: Iowa Cycling Route Planning System
May10-12: High Efficiency and Low Cost Solar Cells Toward Next Generation Photovoltaics 
May10-13: Cyber Security of SCADA Systems � Testbed Development
MicroCART � Phase 5

May10-15: Portable Renewable Power Module

May10-16: Science Center � Phase 4 

May10-17: Wind Turbine Energy Conversion System Design and Integration

May10-18: Sensor?Aided Smart Vehicle Management System

May10-19: LED and Organic LED (OLED)?Based Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitor

May10-20: Query Scripting Tool

May10-21: Lockheed Martin Challenge: Flight control law build an test for a Vertical launch UAV

May10-22: iPhone Applications and Services Development 

May10-23: CprE Curriculum based Application Development using iPod Touch

May10-24: Solar cells for Total Energy Systems

May10-25: Marching Band Visual Effect System

May10-26: Artificial Fingernails for a Humanoid Robot

May10-27: Integrated Temperature Sensor