May 2000 Projects

The May 2000 projects are listed below

May00-xx Projects

May00-01     Senior Citizen Medical Assistant
May00-02     Doppler Radar Processing and Demonstration Unit
May00-03     Rotational Machine Lab Automation
May00-04     PC-Based Spectrum Analyzer
May00-05     Tae Kwon Do Electronic Scoring System
May00-06     State-Machine-Based Hydraulic Elevator Control Program
May00-07     An Improved Interface to Web Search Engines
May00-08     Wireless Video Link
May00-09     Small Internet Appliances
May00-10     Stock Market Simulator for Internet Trading
May00-11     Design of a Low Cost Data Acquisition System for Space-Shuttle Applications
May00-12     Graphical Output Package for Industrial Sensors
May00-13     Ocular Prosthesis
May00-14     Transportation and Logistics Simulator
May00-15     Remodel of and Addition to an Elementary School Electrical System
May00-16     Java Embedded Network Intrusion Security
May00-17     CD-ROM Based Portable MP3 Player
May00-18     5.1 Channel Transmitter/Receiver Project

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