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3D Printer Software Overview
In this project, we are writing software to run a 3D printer. We are part of a two-team project. Our team (MAY1407) is working on the software side of the 3D printer, and the companion team (MAY1406) is working on the hardware side of the 3D printer. Our team is working on a method to implement software for the printer that will allow a user to input a model file that they want to print and have the printer produce a plastic version of that model.

Our goal in this project is to allow a user to select a file that is in .STL format as a model that they wish to print. Utilizing the RepRap CAM software stack, we will produce model slicing software that will send instructions to the printer on how to turn the model file into an actual printed object. The user will be able to work with the 3D printer through a simple user interface that will allow them to select a file as well as control the print. The user will be made aware of the status of the 3D printer as well as the heat plate that the plastic model is being printed over through a dynamic feed on the interface.