Senior Design Group May1331

Handling Data Overload, Navigating the News Stream with Aggregation

Client: IBM Rochester

Client Contact: Paul Bye

Advising Professor: Srikanta Tirthapura

Group members are: Lance Staley, Jamison Bradley, Charles Litfin

Project Overview:

Abstract: Today’s online news sources are plenty with multi-national news websites to bloggers to dedicated topic oriented sites. To consume all articles of interest on all of your favorite sites becomes impossible as that list grows. Then add to the frustration when several of the news sources report on the same topic. Current news aggregators face the challenge of converting such an information deluge into a flow that can be consumed more smoothly. Project: To design a real-time streaming news aggregator enhancing the user experience. Key results would be 1) Aggregate duplicate articles in view, hence preventing them from pushing other prominent articles out of view and 2) increase the consumability of news articles.