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Project: Eyeris (Senior Design - Team May '13 #20)

Client: VRAC (Stephen Gilbert)

Mobile Eye-Tracking

This is an example of a similar product currently out on the market. These are the Tobii Glasses recording in a Supermarket. This solution records video and then later analyzes the users eye to provide non-realtime eye-tracking.

Eye-Tracking Solution

Mobile Eye-Tracking glasses are needed to be able to determine where one is looking at any given point in time. There are currently no mobile solutions that track both eyes, which would allow for 3D eye-tracking. Also, very few mobile solutions allow real-time streaming. This would allow multiple people to watch a study as it is being conducted rather than analyzing the data afterwards. There exhibits a need to stream this over WiFi networks so that this is compatible with multiple platforms and applications.

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Two Eyes (Not One)

What differentiates us from our competitors is that our solution actually tracks two eyes while all current solutions track one. This lets use construct an accurate 3D representation of where the user is looking.

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