ECpE Senior Design


Projects ending December 2014



Dec14-01        CityofAmes-ISU_Web software for home energ
Dec14-02        Client-VERMEER_Android bridge for off highway equipment
Dec14-03        DSM SCHOOL_Ipad mouse emulator using head motions
Dec14-04        ECpE_Android Power Management
Dec14-05        TV programming device
Dec14-06         TMS high current pulse generator
Dec14-07        Cyber security of smart grid - test bed enhancement
Dec14-08        Powering PUMA robot
Dec14-09        WEILER_Machine transfer vehicle paver control
Dec14-10        Honeywel KCP_Transposed coil detection device
Dec14-11        Virtual Reality Application Center, ISU
Dec14-12        ISU-AeroE_Bong Wei_Infra red/optical sensor fusion for asteroids
Dec14-13         ISU-Sustainability Online selling and swap site
Dec14-14         POWERFILM_RF Power Meter
Dec14-15         PriceWaterhousecoopers_Sensitive data identification
Dec14-16        Unified Butterfly Recorder: Butterfly Population Survey Application