Oakland Corporation is an agriculture business firm developing both software and IT solutions.  One of the major integrations that Oakland provides is a suite of tools for distributing agriculture based fuel.  In addition to providing the hardware for this process Oakland has developed their own standalone accounting platform called Fuel Truck Point of Sale (FuelPOS).  FuelPOS runs on a laptop from the cabin of the fuel truck where it provides recording functionality (tracking the amount of fuel that a client withdraws), up-to-date contract & pricing information, and existing customer account information.  The FuelPOS system aged quite a bit over the 10 years of existence, and could really use a new implementation to bring it up to programming standards as well as US Weights and Measures standards.

Itís our teamís job to develop an improved implementation for the FlowMeter application that will handle modern software (Win 8/7/Vista 32-bit and 64-bit platforms) as well as environmental risks that work laptops are forced to endure in the cabin of the clientís fuel trucks.  In addition to obvious improvements in code quality and performance that the application will receive, the project will be brought up to US Weights and Measures standards when printing fueling receipts.
Members of Team 07

Bryce Kvindlog

Carl Garrett

James Wang

Jason Kaiser

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Integration to Fuel Truck Flowmeter Register
via Java Native Interface on Windows Platforms