Ultrasound Brain Imaging System


The goal of this project was to expand upon a previous group's design for a pulse echo ultrasound system for brain imaging, which could be used as a low cost alternative to fMRI. The group was tasked with designing a transmit/receive board which could be scalable up to 512 transmit/receive channels.

The objective of the project was to design and implement a working 8-channel transmit/receive board. The transmit circuit should be able to send high voltage pulses (+/-50 V) over 8 channels. The design also needed to be easily scalable to up to 512 channels. The receive circuit will then receive the signals from the transducer and amplify them before sending them to a computer interface. This computer interface will also be responsible for controlling the pulses sent to the transducer, though it was not within the scope of our design. the group also designed a protection circuit to limit the voltage amplitude of the signals reaching the computer interface.