Cyber Security of SCADA Systems Testbed


Project Overview

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are the nervous systems for the body of our country’s infrastructure. This body includes many systems that are vital to the function of our society: power, water, natural gas, oil, and road traffic systems—among many others. However, the nervous systems (SCADA systems) that control our infrastructure are currently vulnerable to cyber-attack. “Since the mid-1990’s, security experts have become increasingly concerned about the threat of malicious cyber attacks on the vital supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used to monitor and manage our energy systems. Most SCADA system designs did not anticipate the security threats posed by today’s reliance on common software and operating systems, public telecommunication networks, and the Internet.”

Our goal is to improve the cyber security of SCADA systems by making our own SCADA test bed, where we can simulate power systems and the communication protocols they use, and attempt cyber attacks on our systems. Through this process, we can test vulnerabilities of commercial SCADA protection products report their vulnerabilities. We can also demonstrate the effects a SCADA cyber attack can have on a power system. We will be improving the test bed created by the previous year’s team. We will be adding virtualization, power flow analysis, and more advanced cyber-attacks.